Some inpirational monolouges along with some side cracking sketches

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Saori showing she is "married to the job"

  1. Saori: "We police officers, carrying the burden of justice, have no time to be infatuated with things like Go-kon or love!!" 
  2.  Natsumi: "Going to Go-kon is fine. Even police officers are human. Just one or two lovers doesn't matter."
  3. Saori: "No way. My lover is my work."

Miyuki: "Oh dear." Natsumi: "Newbies always say that."

  1.  (2nd Season, Episode 2: Goukon Victory Equation)

Yoriko exaggerating about their upcoming visit from Inspector Arizukia

  1. Yoriko: "... he carries his Arizuka File with him all over the country and he's sometimes called the Inspector from Hell. Once he sets his sights on you, you're finished." 
  2.  Yoriko: "None of you know about the King of Hades. We must do something quickly, or we'll end up being banished."
  3. (1st Season, Episode 6: Frightening Judge from Hell, Superintendent Arizuka)

Chie explaining the reason why she applied to be a copper

  1.  Chie: "To make my grand debut into society."

Natsumi: "A society girl?"

  1. (1st Season, Episode 8: Big Duel for Lucky Yoriko)

Chie's motto in life

  1. Chie: "A girl needs Mister Rich, not Mister Right." 

Ken's curiosity

Ken and Daimaru are sitting on the couch practising to ride motorbikes but Ken is starting to tire

Ken: "I've had enough of this, Dad. Let's stop! We've been at it for two hours already. I'm so hungry, I'm starting to get dizzy!

Daimaru: "We're not quitting. If you can't take the heat, I can't teach you all of my stunts."

Ken: "What stunts do you expect me to do on a police bike?!?

(1st Season, Episode 16: Mystery! Nakajima's Double)

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