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Miyuki Kobayakawa Edit

Miyuki Kobayakawa
You're Under Arrest character
First appearance You're Under Arrest OVA, Episode 1
Created by Kōsuke Fujishima
Voiced by Japanese:

Akiko Hiramatsu (Anime) Sachie Hara (Live Action) English:
Jo Ann Luzzatto (OVA) Juliet Cesario

(小早川 美幸 Kobayakawa Miyuki?)  a fictional character and protagonist in the You're Under Arrest! franchise. Her Japanese voice was provided by Akiko Hiramatsu. Her English voice, however, was provided by two voice actors. The OVA version was done by Jo Ann Luzzatto and the rest was done by Juliet Cesario. In the Live Action version, she was portrayed by actress Sachie Hara.

[edit]Miyuki is Natsumi's partner and roommate. Miyuki is not as physically tough as Natsumi, but she is much smarter and more polite. A technical genius, Miyuki frequently performs custom vehicle modifications for various people at the precinct, as well as being an expert with computers. Miyuki is a superb driver, almost as daring as Natsumi, and very difficult to shake in a pursuit . She is also punctual, shy and diligent – in contrast to Natsumi, who is tardy, brash and frequently lazy. Her mini patrol car, a Honda Today, is a heavily modified version for patrol duties. Normally the engine is a 554cc, but Miyuki has stroked it out to 700cc (although still having a yellow number plate for K-cars) and added twin cams, a turbo-charger, and nitrous oxide boost. Such a car could theoretically be built given current technology, but would be impractical at best in reality. She also has a blue Toyota Sports 800 as her personal car.

Fictional Biography Edit

Unlike Natsumi's infatuation towards the chief (Kachou) of Traffic Division, Miyuki admires and respects him because of his dedication in working with the division. During situations where force was the only solution, Miyuki uses airsoft guns with paintball bullets in order to incapacitate or to leave a homing beacon on the opponents. Her love interest happens to be with the "White Hawk" Ken Nakajima but has initial difficulty in telling him until the end of the series.[1] Her feelings for Ken were driven to the point when she pointed an air gun on Natsumi's head when she joked that she would have to marry Ken in the future.[2]

Miyuki is fearful of anything that cannot be explained by science, such as the ParanormalSupernatural or anything that was similar to science fiction. She is also afraid of reptiles.[3]

Her character design was also used as the template for a goddess whom the characters prayed to in a four panel gag strip added to a version of YUA who eventually becameBelldandy when the strip proved popular and was developed into Oh! My Goddess.[4]

[edit]History Edit

According to the information in the You're Under Arrest series, Miyuki was born on April 7, 1976. She had previously lived in the Okayama Prefecture before moving to the Greater Tokyo Area and entered the Metropolitan Police Department Academy and was classmates with Natsumi Tsujimoto before being transferred to Bokuto Station. She resides currently in Kōtō, Tokyo alongside Natsumi.[5]

When she was trying to pick up Natsumi, she met with her instead by luck when seeing her breaking some of traffic violation rules but she knew at once that she's Natsumi, her partner to be. Eventually catching up with her, Miyuki made a first impression with her and after Natsumi's transfer to Bokuto Station was complete, Miyuki and Natsumi became partners in the station's Traffic Division. The two became famous with Miyuki's brains and Natsumi's fists in solving various cases involving either themselves or with their colleagues. Miyuki was the other half of the duo responsible for ground breaking work in dismantling a mysterious car smuggling syndicate operation in Tokyo, resulting in her subsequent transfer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Criminal Investigation Bureau [6] under its Scientific Investigations Laboratory. The Lab invited her to permanently transfer to the department, but she refused the offer.

In the Hachi-Ichi-Go (蜂一号) crisis (Bee Number One in the dub of You're Under Arrest: The Movie), Miyuki's expertise in computers and in electronics have managed to gain breakwork during initial investigations over the mysterious power outages in the Sumida Ward, but was not able to secure any details regarding them. Nearing the end of the movie, she and Natsumi apprehend renegade officer Tadashi Emoto after wounding Kachou as a means of "proving" that he acted alone throughout the crisis. Miyuki was sent to Los Angeles with Natsumi as part of a foreign police officer exchange program for a short time with the Los Angeles Police Department.[7]

Nearing the end of the series, Miyuki nearly broke her friendship with Natsumi after learning that the latter was being recruited into the Special Assault Team. The two patched up their differences when Miyuki told Natsumi that she wasn't open enough for her to accept Natsumi's recruitment into the SAT [8] since the two had acted like real friends, even like sisters when Miyuki explained that Natsumi's SAT recruitment happened so fast without her realizing it all along, which forced her to shield herself from seeing reality as it was.[9]Miyuki also renewed her "friendship" with Nakajima, further opening their relationship to other possibilities.[1]

Her partner is Saori Saga, who took over Natsumi's position after she was permanently stationed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department branch as part of her duties as an SAT operative [10] before being transferred to the United States to conduct forensic training.[11]


-Natsumi Tsujimoto Edit

Natsumi Tsujimoto
You're Under Arrest character
First appearance You're Under Arrest OVA, Episode 1
Created by Kōsuke Fujishima
Voiced by Japanese:

Sakiko Tamagawa (Anime) Misaki Ito (Live Action) English:
Tamara Burnham Mercer

Aliases Home-Run Woman[1]
Notable relatives Kazuhiro Tsujimoto (Father)[2]

Hiromi Tsujimoto (Mother)[2]

(辻本 夏実 Tsujimoto Natsumi?) is a fictional character and protagonist in the You're Under Arrest franchise. Her Japanese voice was provided by Sakiko Tamagawa and her English voice by Tamara Burnham Mercer. In the Live Action version, she was portrayed by actress Misaki Ito.

Fictional biography Edit

[1][2]Natsumi showing off her superhuman strength to stop a teenage voyeur from escaping.

Natsumi is an officer stationed at the fictional Bokuto Station in Tokyo's Sumida Ward. She is very outgoing as well as very laid back. She often demonstrates superhuman strength second only to Shoji Tokairin and is a motorcycle enthusiast, capable of high-risk maneuvers on both bikes and mopeds. Natsumi has a prodigious appetite for food and alcohol, and has been known to show up at work with a hangover. She is also a chronic late sleeper. Despite having many bad habits, she is a very capable police officer and does her job seriously when needed. She keeps a mini-moped, a Honda Motocompo (JR-2) in Miyuki's Honda Today squad car and uses it when a flanking strategy is required. It is prominently labeled "NATSUMI" (in the Nihon-shiki transliteration system) before her first day at Bokuto in the beginning of the first anime, later re-coloured and re-labeled "POLICE" in the later appearances and on the Bandai Model kit of the Honda Today. When off-duty, she operates a Yamaha RZV motorbike until it is damaged beyond repair during later part of the first season. She is subsequently tricked into buying a Subaru R-2, which is in a near-non-functioning state. This car is then thoroughly renovated and heavily modified by Miyuki into a patrol car. She uses the wrecked motorbike's engine, modifying the car to make its operation follow closely to that of a motorbike. In the manga version, this car operates with double engines.

Natsumi is also familiar with judo and kendo, being able to defeat her opponents during training sessions. Her strength and her familiarity with hand-to-hand combat complement Miyuki's brilliant mind in creating devices or modifying known vehicles very well, making her and Miyuki famous throughout Bokuto Station. She is also the only person in this series able to consistently defeat Strikeman's fastballs and is called Home-Run Girl by Strikeman for this very reason.

[edit]History Edit

According to the information in the You're Under Arrest series, Natsumi was born on August 12, 1975. Not much information is revealed in the story, though she had lived in Asakusa before enrolling in the Metropolitan Police Department Academy and became classmates with Miyuki Kobayakawa before being dispatched elsewhere in the Greater Tokyo Area.[2]

The two eventually met by accident when Natsumi was late for work during her first day on duty with the Bokuto Station. She was partnered with Miyuki for a number of years. But for a short time, Natsumi was scouted by Tokyo Metropolitan Police DepartmentHeadquarters to be part of a prototype female motorbike unit before declining an invitation to train further with them.[3] She was known to be infatuated with Detective Tokuno and the Kachou of the Traffic Division before meeting Shoji Tokairin, who became her rival and love interest.[4] Natsumi and Miyuki, later on in the series, broke the back of a car smuggling syndicate that operated by stealing luxury vehicles, leading to the group's disbanding. Due to her actions, Assistant Kaoruko Kinoshita moved her to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department with Miyuki as part of her specialized training program in enhancing officer's skills related to police work.[5] During the Hachi-Ichi-Go crisis (Bee Number One in the dub of You're Under Arrest: The Movie), she and Miyuki proved themselves as law enforcers when they apprehended renegade police officer Tadashi Emoto as he tried to commit suicide by trying to jump from the top floors of the Tokyo Tower. She was also sent to Los Angelesin the United States with Miyuki as part of a foreign officer exchange program with the Los Angeles Police Department.[6]

At the end of the series, Natsumi is recruited to serve in the Special Assault Team and was an operative stationed with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department branch. Her partnership with Miyuki and subsequent transfer to the Special Assault Team had then ended nearly on bad terms, almost destroying their friendship until coming to terms with reality.[7] She was replaced in Bokuto Station by Saori Saga, an ex-student who she and Miyuki saved during her police officer days before Saori was dispatched to the said station.[8]

She had been temporarily been at Bokuto again[9] before being transferred out to be trained under the JGSDF's Ranger Platoon before being reassigned again to Bokuto Station, serving as Miyuki's 3rd partner after Saori had left Bokuto to be relocated in another station.[10]


-Ken Nakajima Edit

(中嶋剣 Nakajima Ken?)

Voiced by: Bin Shimada (Japanese), Marc Matney (English)


A motorcycle patrol officer stationed in Bokuto Precinct who is such a gifted rider that he might have a

successful racing career if he wanted it. Ken is strong, tough and handsome but at the same time, was terribly shy. He and Miyuki share strong feelings for each other, but have difficulties expressing them. He is the only son of Daimaru Nakajima, managing a motorbike shop called ZAPPER, and the stepson of his teenaged stepmom Sena Wakabayashi. Details on his mother was not revealed, but it is known that his father became a widower before the OVA and first season series started.[1] His peers call him "White Hawk" for his skills as a motorbike officer in chasing down various offenders. His family was from the Mie Prefecture.

Ken, through the anime and live action versions, uses various motorbikes in and out of police work. He uses a Suzuki GSX-R750 fitted with sirens and horns meant for police use in the TV series and a Kawasaki ZX-9R in the movie . He used a Kawasaki KLE-500 when he tried to chase down a high-speeding offender in the OVA. When off-duty, he uses a Yamaha V-Max. The only exception is in the drama version when Ken is seen using a Honda motorbike.

- Shoji Toukarin Edit

(東海林 将司 Tōkairin Shōji?)

Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Cullen Moss (English)

A mountain rescue specialist and lieutenant, he met Natsumi during a rescue mission on a tower. They would later encounter each other once again when Shouji is temporarily stationed at Bokuto Precinct as an instructor for rescue courses. It is then discovered that Shouji is the only character that has the physical strength and appetite to surpass Natsumi's. Although Natsumi initially views him as a nuisance and a rival, they eventually fall in love. Despite being frequently absent in places like the Himalayas, he and Natsumi have a strong relationship. Later on, Shoji named a monkey he befriended as Natsumi.[19] He enjoys eating bananas.

Shouji is an expert in mountain climbing and rappelling and, one time, uses his time in Bokuto Station to practice these two techniques.

He is also an expert in Kendo, being able to cut a banana in half with a Shinai with extreme concentration (self-proclaiming that he can only do it at a 50% success rate) but admitted defeat against Kachou at his challenge against him despite Kachou was not in his best shape.

-Yoriko Nikaido Edit

(二階堂 頼子 Nikaidō Yoriko?)

Voiced by: Etsuko Kozakura (Japanese), Pamela Weidner (English)


A dispatcher at Bokuto Station who later becomes a patrol officer and partner of Aoi Futaba, Yoriko is an

incorrigible gossip who pokes her nose into everything that happens at the precinct. Unfortunately, she frequently misinterprets things she sees and hears about, resulting in embarrassment and complications. She keeps an especially close eye on Miyuki and Ken. Yoriko also enjoys heckling her colleagues, especially when she talks about anything supernatural or paranormal.

She is also clumsy in anything she does but always can somehow cover the trouble created with her luck, which made her the top in class during her years in the Metropolitan Police Department Academy and earned the ire of her classmate Chie Sagamiono, who had aspired to become valedictorian back in their academy days.[2] She is also insecure about her job for a short period of time when she saved an elementary student from Yakuza thugs.[3]

-Aoi Futaba Edit

(葵双葉 Aoi Futaba?)

Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese), Amy Tipton (English)


An officer who joined Bokuto Station in the first season, Aoi is originally taken for a biological woman. In fact,

Aoi is anatomically male. While still living as a man, she had dressed as a woman to go undercover as a decoy to catch a serial rapist in the vice unit[4] and, in the process, “went native.” Now, Aoi is more feminine in appearance and personality than any of the women in the station. In the second series, Aoi states on several occasions that "my body is male, but my heart is female". This sentiment is echoed and supported by Aoi's coworkers, who act and react as though she were any other woman. Aoi's romantic gender preferences are often speculated on by the Bokutou police, but in the end it is discovered that she prefers men. In one case, a very famous actor (Mr. Kitakoji) proposed to her not knowing she was transgender, but was rejected (though Aoi was clearly attracted to him), and in fact this is the only time Aoi is seen wearing male clothing. In a second series episode, Aoi has become romantically involved with a man via the Internet, and is torn about meeting this man and revealing her secret.

Before entering the force, Aoi was an accomplished basketball player who had many female admirers due to her ability to outsmart her opponent and score good shots from critical positions. One of them had even accepted Aoi's new identity as a female. In the 2nd season, Aoi's hair color was changed from brown to black. It was shown that Aoi had chosen to transition after undergoing a sting operation with her ex-superior Udamura Kumanosuke.[5]

In the original manga, Aoi's chosen sport is shown to be golf rather than basketball; she shows her prowess with a club in the section of the manga translated by Dark Horse.

-Chief Edit

Voiced by: Issei Masamune (Japanese), Dave Underwood (English)


The section chief of Bokuto Station's Traffic Control Department is usually referred to simply as "chief" (課

長 kachō?). His name was first revealed to indeed spell "Kachou" (花蝶kachō?, lit. "Flower butterfly") in the second season by his monk uncle (a.k.a. FOX). He is a stern, but fair leader who uses a relaxed touch to keep his team of misfit officers in line. Natsumi had a long-standing crush on him before she met Toukairin.[10] Though he allows his subordinates to do as they normally please in the station, he reminds them of their priorities as police officers.

In the movie, he got in trouble with Superintendent Arizuka when he was linked to Emoto, who was suspected of starting the Hachi-Ichi-Go (Bee Number 1) crisis in the Greater Tokyo Area. First stripped off his command and thrown into a cell by Arizuka due to suspicion of coercing with Emoto, he eventually disclosed details regarding both Emoto and Project "Hachi-Ichi-Go", as well as the fact that Emoto severed connections with him as well. During the final confrontation in Tokyo Tower, Emoto shot him in the leg, reinforcing the fact that he was not Emoto's accomplice.

He uses a Honda NSX as his personal car when doing police work in the OVA. In the rest of the series, he uses a Honda Legend.

-Detective Tokuno Edit

(徳野警部 Tokuno Keibu?)

Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki (Japanese), Joe Gallison (English)


plainclothed inspector stationed at Bokuto Police Station's Investigations Division, he happens to be the

only known officer in Bokuto be married and with a family and an old veteran at the station since it was established. Most of the younger officers in the station look up to him as a mentor whenever they need help or advise from him. Like Kachou, Natsumi was infatuated with him since she liked older men before meeting with Shoji.[10] Tokuno is partnered up with a younger detective named Sugihara when attending to cases in the field. Like Kachou, he appears to be lenient with most of the officers in their capacity to be good officers in their speciality.

He uses a Honda Legend as his personal police vehicle whenever he is conducting detective work.

-Saori Saga Edit

(佐賀 沙織 Saga Saori)

Voiced bySakura Tange (1st Season) /Mayumi Iizuka (2nd Season) (Japanese), Megan Hancock



A high school student who had trouble with the law during the 1st Season. After reforming herself, Saori graduated from high school and studied in the Metropolitan Police Department Academy since she admired Natsumi and Miyuki for their hard work in the force and was assigned to Bokuto Station's Traffic Division. On her first day, she got into trouble with them after trying to make a big impression by making the Traffic Division office neat (unwittingly getting rid of many personal belongings from others while she is at it). In the first few days of work, she scorned her colleagues and superior for being lax in their duties in the office and constantly reminds them of their responsibilities as police officers, even though Natsumi and Miyuki advised her to relax a bit since she was taking police work too personal. As time went on, Saori had learned to accept them and became fast friends with her Bokuto station co-workers, especially with Natsumi and Miyuki.

When she noticed that Miyuki wanted to break up her partnership with Natsumi, Saori was the only persistent one in convincing her to amend their ties since she couldn't see to see her get depressed over Natsumi's supposed selection into the Special Assault Team. She is Miyuki's new partner before being transferred to a different station., which was Johoku Station as a cyber crimes division officer.

Police Officers (from other districts)Edit

-Takao Arizuka Edit

(蟻塚 貴男 Arizuka Takao?)

Voiced by: Takeshi Watabe (Japanese), Andrew Masset (English)

A high-ranking officer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department with the rank of Superintendent, he is feared by low-ranking officers since his mere presence in a police station during inspection would mean the end of someone's career as he always bring a notebook with him.[11] However in reality, he is lenient and willing to make arrangements (even if he has to make personal sacrifices to make such an arrangement possible as is) to accommodate the need of his subordinates so long as they get the job done in the end. On the other hand, Arizuka is strict and always reminds his subordinates to follow the guidelines set by their superiors while doing their best according to their capabilities. For this, Yoriko dubbed Arizuka as the king of Hades.[12]

In the movie, Arizuka realized that he, as a Superintendent, knew less about the disappearance of Tadashi Emoto as well as the Hachi-Ichi-Go paper that Emoto made for theTokyo Metropolitan Police Department than the Chief of the Bokuto Precinct Traffic Division and temporarily stripped Kachou off his rank and command when the latter refused to provide details regarding them.

-Kaoruko Kinoshita Edit

(木下 かおる子 Kinoshita Kaoruko?)

Voiced by: Yoshiko Sakakibara (Japanese), Shiela Brothers (English)

An assistant inspector (警部補 keibuho) from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, this charming lady first appeared in the last few episodes of Season 1 with a car theft case in tow. A strict, no-nonsense kind of person, she initially comes off as cold-hearted, but beneath that imposing demeanor is actually a woman who is selflessly dedicated to her duties and those that fall under her command. She is ready to help the females of Bokuto Station and is approachable whenever she is around at the station.

During the course of her career, Kaoruko had participated in at least one Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Color Guard parade.

-Chie Sagamiono (相模大野 千恵 Sagamiono Chie?) Edit

Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Courtney Wright Hatfield (English)

The only daughter of the rich Sagamiono family, Chie entered the Metropolitan Police Department Academy in hopes of winning a suitable, preferably rich, husband[15] and making herself a bit more popular to society, earning questions from some of the officers as to why a rich girl would join the police force.[16] She had lost her chance to graduate on top of her class when Yoriko earned it via luck, marking her as Chie's rival. She uses her family's financial position to use a modified Porsche 911 outfitted with sirens and a radio for police use.


-Daimaru Nakajima Edit


(中嶋大丸 Nakajima Daimaru?)

Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (Japanese), Marc Matney (English)

The father of Ken Nakajima and the owner of the ZAPPER motorbike shop in Sumida's Bokuto district, he is

an old man who is an expert on motorcycles and was an excellent rider in his younger days. Now widowed, he is currently remarried to his second wife, Sena Wakabayashi. Though he is senile at certain times and his unthoughtful on certain matters, Daimaru still cares about Ken and Sena as they are his only remaining family left. He had a good impression on Miyuki when she kindly called him father, indicating that he still liked the younger generation to appreciate him like a caring parent.[20]

He has a Ducati motorcycle that he uses personally. During his first encounter with Miyuki and Natsumi, Daimaru initially thought that Natsumi was Ken's girlfriend until realizing Miyuki was the better choice.[21]

Due to his knowledge of motorbike handling, Daimaru tries to teach Ken techniques to befit his duties as a motorbike officer, to the point of "breaking him."[22] He has a scar over his left eyebrow.


-Sena Wakabayashi Edit

(若林瀬奈 Wakabayashi Sena?)

Voiced byHiroko Konishi (1st Season) /Fumiko Orikasa (2nd Season) (Japanese), Ashley McDaidff (English)

A 20-year-old woman who owns a Lotus Super Seven racer vehicle, she was married to Daimaru after

meeting him in a highway where she usually drives around[23] before being in love with him.[24] Sena was soon married to Daimaru and was also the co-owner of the ZAPPER motorbike shop. She manages the place if Daimaru is not around.

Though she and Ken had their differences, mostly in age, Sena truly cares for him like he was her own son.

- Yuta, Sho and Maho Edit

(ゆうた Yuuta?(しょう Shou?) (まほ Maho?)

local children who attend a school on what is beleived to be Natsumi and Miyukis' beat, also visited by Ken,Yoriko and Aoi. The kids love seeing seeing the police officers as they think they're cool and are always willing to help in some way or other. As well as outside the school, the children can also be seen at a traffic division organised event such as a play on how to cross the road safely.

-Osyou "FOX" Hokkusu Edit

(FOX和尚 hokkusu osyou?)

Voiced by: Kinryū Arimoto

The priest of the local temple and a friendly familiar face to the officers of Bokuto nick. It was revealed that Osyou was a retired policeman as well as the chief's uncle, which probably explains why he had a CB radio set in his Mini Turbo in episode 1. Osyou affectionatly nicknames Natsumi "kitten", the codename he called Natsumi and Miyuki in the first episode whilst pretending to be "a bomber" (at the end of the episode, it is revealed the "bomb" was, in fact, Natsumi's lunchpack which she'd lost whilst cutting through the temple in order to evade arrest from her soon-to-be partner. 

-Strikeman Edit

(ストライク男 Sutoraiku Otoko?)

Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (Japanese), Jason Hatfield (English)


A costumed vigilante who calls himself a superhero, Strikeman uses baseballs and related items to punish

offenders such as public drunks, flashers, and parking violators. He has come to the attention of Bokuto Precinct on several occasions, earning notoriety as a major nuisance and complete loon. He seems to have a fixation on Natsumi, considering her both his nemesis and his sidekick while referring to her as "Home-Run Woman." As of Full Throttle, there has been no clue so as to who the identity of Strikeman is. At one time during the 1st season, Nakajima was even suspected by his colleagues to be Strikeman, due to some events and a very similar appearance, but was found to be not the case.

Many attempts were placed to apprehend him, but Strikeman escapes due to the various fastball pitches that he uses as weapons. When he tries to enact "proper justice" on the offender's property such as their cars, Strikeman uses baseballs with sharp spikes on them and in fact, has used them against Miyuki and Saori as a means of distraction. He uses a Harley-Davidson Softail motorbike, designated FLSTF.[25] He had recently returned after months of self-exile into the mountains to defeat Natsumi in another game of baseball.[26]

Much like many of the other characters, Strikeman had an American counterpart in You're Under Arrest: No Mercy!.

-50 cc. Old Lady Edit

(原付おばさん Gentuki Obasan?)

Voiced by: Kujira

An old woman who spends the majority of her time going after discounts and sale events. To the annoyance of every Traffic Division officer in the Bokuto Precinct, she does so relentlessly and is perfectly willing to commit any traffic violation in order to get to the sales location faster, having proven herself just as aggressive on the road as Natsumi or Nakajima (except that she does it all the time) and counting on the reflexes of people or vehicles she was about to collide with rather than her skills in operating a scooter to avoid accidents. However, another situation would intervene (such as repeating motorcycle thefts or bomb threats against a department store) whenever there's an attempt to apprehend her, allowing her to go off the hook. Her name was never revealed.

For transportation she uses a motor scooter (with a 50cc engine, hence her nickname), which tends to be overloaded with groceries and other merchandises that she purchased during discount events.

Most fans of the show have named her Scooter Lady and Scooter Mama as well.

Toshuro Honda (本田敏郎 Honda Tosirou?) Edit

Voiced by: Yutaro Mitsuoka

Megumi Honda (本田恵 Honda Megumi?) Edit

Voiced by: Ayaka Saitō